One Piece spoilers: Are Kuma and Bonnie related?
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The recent One Piece series depicts the past of Bartholomew Kuma, and the identities of various characters are revealed one after another.We will introduce you in detail based on the latest episode information, so it may contain spoilers.

Bonnie, who is one of the worst generation members like Luffy, appears in the Egghead arc.

It was then discovered that Bonnie’s true identity was Bartholomew Kuma’s daughter!

Speaking of Bartholomew Kuma, he is a character with many roles in One Piece, such as the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Revolutionary Army, but more information is coming out each day.

We have been investigating the truth revealed, such as his relationship with his daughter Bonnie and the nature of their parentage.

This time, we will introduce spoilers about the facts that have been discovered about the relationship between these two parents.

One Piece spoilers: Are Kuma and Bonnie related?

In fact, Kuma and Bonnie each admit that they are father and son.

Based on Kuma’s memories before he became a biological weapon, it was confirmed that Bartholomew Kuma considers Bonnie his daughter.

Also, based on Bonnie’s behavior in the Egghead arc, there is no doubt that she really thinks of Kuma as her father.

Bonnie’s only family member is a Kuma!

In One Piece Episode 1063, Bonnie says that Bartholomew Kuma is her only family!

There are also depictions of Bonnie crying out, “Don’t hurt my dad!”, which shows that Bonnie was a very important person to her.

In the flashback scene of Bartholomew Kuma, Kuma is shown to be kind to Bonnie, who is alone, so Kuma must have been Bonini’s only family.

If this is true, Bartholomew Kuma is the former king of Sorbet, so Bonnie is a former princess.

Kuma is Bonnie’s foster parent

From the “memory before the Kuma  became a biological weapon” that Dr. Vegapunk has stored in his giant paw, it is known that the Kuma is the one who raised Bonnie when she was a child.

Bartholomew Kuma is originally a gentle person, which is hard to imagine even though he is called a tyrant now.

He has been taking care of Bonnie, who is free, since she was a child, and raised her without a mother.

When Bonnie develops a disease called Seigyokurin, you can feel his parental love as he works hard to cure Bonnie’s illness.

Bonnie also adores Bartholomew Kuma, and in episode 1099, she is seen saying, “I want to meet my father…”

One Piece spoiler explains whether Kuma and Bonnie are real daughters or not!

We will reveal spoilers about whether Bartholomew Kuma and Bonnie are real daughters!

Earlier we learned that Bartholomew Kuma and Bonnie mutually acknowledge that they are a parent and child, but are they really a parent and child related by blood?

Many facts have been revealed so far, including Bonnie’s mother, her blood relationship with Bartholomew Kuma, and the identity of her father.

From here, I will talk about them.

Bonnie is the child of Ginny and the Celestial Dragon.

I mentioned earlier that Bonnie and Kuma both agree that they are a parent and child.It turns out that Bonnie’s father is actually not a Kuma, but a Celestial Dragon!

Here, Bonnie’s baby days are revealed through Bartholomew Kumano’s flashbacks.

This content was revealed in One Piece chapter 1098,Bonnie’s mother was Ginny, Kuma darling.

Bartholomew Kuma and Bonnie had already joined the Revolutionary Army at the time, but Ginny’s unit was destroyed by a surprise attack from the World Government.

At that time, Ginny fell in love with Tenryujin and was kidnapped as his wife. Bonnie is the kidnapped child of Tenryuu and Ginny. That’s what it means.

However, Ginny became seriously ill and was eventually abandoned by her Celestial Dragon husband.

After that, Ginny contacted the Revolutionary Army and Bartholomew Kuma, and only Bonnie survived.

Who among the Celestial Dragons is Bonnie’s father?

As for Bonnie’s father, the only thing we know is that he is a Celestial Dragon.

However, since Bonnie’s birth has been talked about so much, it’s hard to imagine that she’ll end up with a “nameless Celestial Dragon.”

It is rumored that Shanks’ father may be Saint Girling, or even Lord Im!

If that happens, it’s a big deal.

Keep an eye on Bonnie’s father and who Tenryujin is based on the latest episode information!

Why did Kuma raise Bonnie?

In episode 1100, Bartholomew Kuma agrees to government research in order to save Bonnie, and even says that he doesn’t mind losing his will as long as Bonnie’s safety can be ensured.

Why did he care so much about Bonnie and raise him so much?

After his beloved Ginny dies, Bartholomew Kuma is on the verge of going out of control.

The remaining Bonnie, Ginny’s daughter, resembles Ginny in appearance, and her existence may have been the meaning of Kuma’s life.

I think a combination of factors, including his love for Ginny and Bartholomew Kuma’s naturally kind nature, led him to decide to sacrifice himself for Bonnie.

Origin of the name Jewelry Bonnie

The origin of the name Jewelry Bonnie is thought to be taken from Anne Bonny, a female pirate who lived in the early 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Also, the jewelry part of her surname is thought to come from the incurable disease “Aodamarin” that appears in the story.

Bonnie is sick due to her inability to go outside, but if you look at the past episodes of Bonnie and Kuma, there are depictions of this gem-like blue stone that gives a good impression to Bonnie as a memory.

Bonnie seems concerned about the stone on her cheek, saying, “Maybe it’s weird…because she’s sick,” but Kuma tries to make her think positively, saying, “What about that beautiful jewel?” “She’s so beautiful, I’m jealous!” This may be the origin of the family name.


So far, we have introduced the relationship between Bartholomew Kuma and Bonnie, including spoilers for the latest episode of One Piece!

Even though they weren’t actually blood-related, Bartholomew Kuma cherished Bonnie as if he were his own daughter.

Also, the true identity of his father is Tenryujin.

Comparing Ginny with the Celestial Dragon who abandoned her daughter, it is clear that their relationship was deeper than blood.

Also, if the true identity of Tenryujin or anything else is revealed in the latest episode of One Piece, we will update this spoiler article.

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